Can Safety Signs Really Deter Trespassers?

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By AdFeatures | Monday, September 24, 2012, 16:57


Safety signs have many different purposes, from preventing accidents and injuries to helping businesses to prepare for emergencies. However, did you know that these kinds of signs can also be used to protect your business property from unwanted intruders, trespassers and thieves?

Potential trespassers may avoid your business premises if they see safety signs stating ‘keep out’, ‘danger – keep out’ and ‘danger – unsafe building’. Other types of signs which can deter unwelcome visitors are those that mention guard dogs and automatic alarm systems.

Seton advises all business owners to consider using safety signs to keep unwanted persons out of their business premises.

Reasons why ‘keep out’ safety signs may deter trespassers

There are several ways that safety signs can deter intruders, such as the following:

  • Trespassers and thieves fear that they are being filmed on CCTV or they may trigger an alarm. Even if it isn’t specifically mentioned, a simple ‘keep out!’ sign suggests that protective intruder-deterrent measures are in place.
  • Trespassers worry about prosecution. Again, even if it is not explicit on the sign, having ‘keep out’ on a sign clearly suggests that intruders may be prosecuted if they enter a certain private area and are caught. Of course, businesses can always put up signs warning of prosecution explicitly, so that the message to potential trespassers is clear.
  • Trespassers fear for their own safety. If a safety sign indicates that there is danger in a certain area, the intruder may avoid entering for fear that they may be harmed themselves.

Even cheap safety signs can help to keep intruders and trespassers from entering areas they shouldn’t. Rather than investing in expensive alarm systems and security guards to patrol your property, you can use a few emphatic yet inexpensive signs to deter trespassers.

In addition to being cheap to buy, safety and warning signs are easy to put up and they can be placed virtually anywhere, especially on fences and other property boundaries.



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